Energy cables for internal electrification and power supply to all electrical operated equipments (eg. Fans/Lights/ Aplliances etc).
HTR-FR PVC Cables upto 1.1 kV grade as per IS:694.
0.5 SQ. mm to 6.0 SQ. mm in single core and for above sizes in single & multi cores on request.
In all cables, there is generally leakage of current from the live conductor through the insulation. In case of inferior quality of insulation, the current leakage increases. This is unsafe and can cause damage to installations as well as become a threat to life.
Low Leakage Current – Standard wires have an allowable current-leakage limit that is 50 times lower than the prescribed international safety norms.
International safety standards specifies that current leakage limit in hand held equipment is considered to be safe if the value is not more than 0.75 mA. Standard cables, with S3 technology, incorporate insulation of high quality which ensures that current leakage level is as low as 0.01 mA, which is much below the prescribed limit. Standard cables have been certified by the Central Power and Research Institute (CPRI) – a premier laboratory recognised by the Government of India.
Safety from electrical shocks – electric shock occurs when a body-part comes in contact with a bare conductor of poor insulated wire. Higher insulation resistance protects against electric shock.

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